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Updated : 2008-02-12
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Category: Games
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Type: Free-demo
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"Design, create and manage all aspects of a zoo; stalls, animals, economics, infrastructure, etc."

Many games mix simulation and strategy in different businesses: theme parks, bars, hospitals ... it´s a long list. This program is one of them, and this time you have to run a zoo.

In Zoo Tycoon 2 you have to build a zoo, give it an infrastructure, look after the visitors, fill it with animals (more than 100 different species: elephants, tigers, rhinocerous, lions, bears, crocodiles, camels, etc) and many more things, all of them in an attractive and detailed 3D setting. You can walk aroound your zoo as if you were a visitor (ideal to check if you are building something the public like) or work with the animals, cleaning their cages, feeding them, etc.

Zoo Tycoon 2 lets you take photos of your zoo and share them with your friends or other players. When designing the cages and walkways, you have hundreds of construction elements: flagstones, fences, waterfalls, mountains, trees, etc. There is also a special part called "habitat editor" which gives you an excavator and lets you build places for the animals, the true characters of the zoo, to your taste The vegetation and plants also have to be chosen and placed carefully.

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